API Management Template Creator Updates December 2018

Updates on the API Management Template Creator has been published:

I’ve got a lot of help this time frome some awesome contributors a big thanks to them! NilsHedstrom, Geronius, joeyeng, Lfalk.

A minor thing for usage but great for consistency and quality in the generator is that there is now a build and release pipeline setup in DevOps.

  • Improved support for Identity Providers, Products and more
  • Added automation for Build & Release via DevOps to increase quality in merged sprints and automate release to PowerShell Gallery
  • Added to PowerShell Gallery APIManagementTemplate
  • Split the Template to a template per resource to follow API Management DevOps best pratices

Now it’s mutch easier to get started, just install the APIMangementTemplate modul from PowerShell Gallery.

PS> Install-Module -Name APIManagementTemplate

Or update to the newest version

PS> Update-Module -Name APIManagementTemplate

Split the Template to a template per resource

In order to follow the best pratice from Azure API Management DevOps example we now have a new command Write-APIManagementTemplates this command will take a template as input and split into a file per resource to make it easy to manage and handle files and create more customized deployment with a linked template. Read more at GitHub

 Get-APIManagementTemplate -APIManagement MyApiManagementInstance -ResourceGroup myResourceGroup -SubscriptionId 80d4fe69-xxxx-4dd2-a938-9250f1c8ab03 | Write-APIManagementTemplates -OutputDirectory C:\temp\templates -SeparatePolicyFile $true


Exporting API’s ia the API Management Template Extractor simplifies the CI area of using API Management, here we can select a specific API and export only that API, with Operations, version sets, schemas, properties etc. Without needing to manually add extra work, making the development inside the portal and then just extracting the work and setup the import to the next environment .

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