OMS and Non Events

When it comes to monitoring a integration flows, there are several types of monitoring that we need to cover, just the other day I got the requirement to make sure that a Logic App has been run atleast one time during a 24 hour period.

To solve this I started to look at possible solutions and turning my head to the Alert section of Logic Apps Diagnostics since it has the possibility to create a alarm based on input as number of runs, number of failed runs etc. unfortunally for me the max time limit was 6 hours. In this solution we are using Log Analytics and OMS as monitor tool, using the new Logic Apps Gallery it’s super nice (guess I need another post on this later on). Anyway there is alarm functionality inside the OMS Portal so I started to look in to that.

Alarms in OMS is easily created based on a Search so first of we need to create a search, this is done in the search area and easiest way is to click your way to a start of the search and then change the last parts manually, I needed to check that a workflow was executed and ended sucessfully. So my query ended up like this: (easy to reuse, just change the resource_workflowName_s to the name of your Logic App.

search * | where ( Type == "AzureDiagnostics" ) | where OperationName == "Microsoft.Logic/workflows/workflowRunCompleted" | where status_s == "Succeeded"   | where ( resource_workflowName_s == "INT002_Update_Work_Order2" )  

This query will return the results of succesfully runs, and we will be able to use it in our alarm.

Setting up the alarm is rather simple, just Add Alert Rule and fill in some information about the alarm, the important parts are the Search Query here you shall choose the saved query above, Time Window this is how far back we will look, so for our case we look 24 hours back. Alert Frequency is another time slot and it’s how often to check this rule, based on our case we wanted to check every hour. But in order for us to not get a new alert every hour (seems unnessisary to get 7 alarm emails during th night we can also specify Spuress alerts this will make sure that an alarm will not be sent out more often than every 6 hours.

So in reality we can now be sure that at most we will be alerted within 25 hours from the last run that there has not been any more runs and we will be alerted again every 6 hours until we have sucessfully completed a run.

There is possibility to invoke webhooks, Runbook or ITSM actions but in our case an email is good enough so we will use that. The email sent out is not containing that mutch information but it’s enought for us, we now that the flow has not been working and most likely the sending system has failed to send their file.

The email:

Monitoring for events that should happen but are not happening is always tricky and has historically always been hard to solve, so often collegues or other people in your organisation creates tasks for them to do daily checks of some sort. It can be small things like checking that a folder is empty or a log for a row with todays date on it. Even if the task itself is easy it burdens the people doing it and as more of these “small” tasks are added the more time it consumes, time these peoople should have spent working on more important tasks. So to be able to handle monitoring of predicted events and get an alarm we can give services of great value to these people, now we notify them if anything is stopped or so and they can focus on their work. When they can rely on the things we build, we are not only building robust integrations we are then also building trust and a service of great value.

It’s often the small things that makes the most.

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New blog

Now I thought it was time to create my own blog.

As you might now I’ve been blogging alot on my work blog,

So now I’ve felt that I’m ready for my own blog. I’ll keep with the same line, bloggin about Integration and most part will most surely be about Integration in Azure.

I’ll cover updates on the source projects I contriubute to here i.e Logic App Template Creator and some other new fun projects, so stay tuned and poke me if I’m keeping a to low pase on my blog.

Hope to see you around!


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